We could boast, but nothing is more convincing than the testimonials of satisfied people to demonstrate our ability to bring your projects to life. Here’s what people are saying about us:


“I’ve recorded before, but never like this, never this efficiently, never this quick, and never this proficiently. A huge thank you must be given to the whole team for getting it done this fast, and with quality beyond even our executive producer’s expectations. There is nothing more impressive (and refreshing) than meeting a team who really knows what they’re doing. You will be a force to reckon with in the industry.”
- Christopher Dorda, Founder, overSoul7.org


“I’ve worked with different studios, sound engineers and producers before, but it’s really refreshing when you get to work with people who really know what they’re doing and who understand where you’re going and help you create quality recording results without sacrificing your vision. Knowledge, vision, efficiency and quality without compromises. That’s what Purple Irony is to me.”
- Marion, recording artist

Jean-François Poirier

“I had the opportunity of working with Max at Purple Irony studio for a radio project. Not only was Max amazingly efficient, but his cues and artistic guidance allowed for the creation of a high quality product. He knew how to make my guests at ease with his patience and professionalism. I will never hesitate to recommend his services.”
- Jean-François Poirier


“Not only has Purple Irony handled my project with skill and efficiency, they also gave me confidence. Their experience and ability to respect my creations blend perfectly. And while maintaining my creative free will and needs, they challenge me and help me achieve a higher level, greater results. The work environment is stress free and the professionalism shown in and out the studio proves the level of excellence they will uphold for years to come.”
- Darwyl, recording artist
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